This week the children have enjoyed making their very own mosaics, using ceramic tiles!

Angel Delight Cheese Cake

Year 4 have enjoyed making 'messy angel delight cheese cakes' as part of the planning process for writing instructions in this week's Big Write.  They can't wait to taste their creation!

Liquid Flow Experiment

In IPC, Years 3 and 4 have carried out an experiment to find out if liquids flow at the same rate.  They put honey and washing up liquid on paper plates and timed how long it took for the liquid to reach a line at the edge of the plate.


Modroc Volcanoes

This week, the children have been learning how to work with modroc. Their volcanoes have now taken shape and clearly show the different features of a volcano. You can see the focus on the children's faces and their enjoyment of the activity shines out!

Inspired by Jackson Pollock

Year 3 and 4 have been exploring the art work of Jackson Pollock.  Nya felt inspired by the images and instantly began talking about how we could use this style of art to create volcanic images.  Harry thought carefully about how the different images made him feel.  Miles was very enthusiastic when creating his image, claiming he felt like a wizard and his paintbrush was a magic wand.